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 real estate company in Alanya, Turkey with years of experience in the real estate market. It was established 10 years ago as a construction company, designing and constructing all sorts of buildings from business apartments and schools to hotels, villas and luxury apartments. It is now a family company with years of experience of high professionalism and great service.

Our talented real estate agents and sale agents, have together with the high quality provided from the company, managed to attract more and more satisfied customers by every year.

Together with our small team, we are now proud to call ourselves one of the most successful real estate companies in Alanya.

By choosing us, you are promised a lifelong relationship that will help you in any situation, during any time of the year, 24/7. We are always there as a helping hand, to support you when you are going to start your new adventure in buying a property abroad. We are well aware that this new adventure may be a scary road to go down on, but the goals of our staff is to make you feel comfortable and safe during the whole buying process. They will explain and discuss everything in detail, so you won’t have any hesitations. All of the information can also be offered in your own language. Our sales consultants have a high knowledge of how the same process is done in each country, and therefore you are always given an even higher level of service and expertise by choosing us.

With our small international personnel, we ensure you that you will be given the best service in all times.